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  • Windows App development

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  • Windows App development

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    • Windows phone

      We create mobile applications and games on Microsoft platform. We specialize in creating a modern UI interfaces. Windows Phone offers advanced features for developers and allows for the development of applications that are intuitive for every user.

    • Features

      We are specialists in the use of all the latest features offered by Windows Phone.

    • Windows App Development

      We create and develop applications that use Windows software. This allows us to create end-to-end solutions for the most demanding customers.

    • Windows 8

      Our specialists adapt latest version of Windows Phone according to our customers’ expectations. We develop best practices and together with our knowledge and accurate programming we provide error-free applications.

    • Modern UI

      Characteristics of a model based on a Modern UI which we use are: transparent subtitles, minimalist icons, no gradients, no rounded edges, contrasting colors.

    • User Experience

      We create products that will be most convenient for end users. Our activities are based mainly on the user experience after the contact with the application.

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